Standard King 9 Fryer

8073 These majestic fryers are the masters of fries, but they flat-out rule when it comes to onion blossoms. With an impressive cooking oil capacity of 47 lb., the Standard King 9  uses 5500 watts to reign supreme using an 8″ oil depth that’s ideal for high-moisture foods.

  • Perfect for bloomin’ onions
  • Holds up to 47 lbs. of oil
  • 8″ oil depth – ideal for high-moisture foods
  • 8073BF has the same power but features a tubular heating element that stays 2″ above the fry tank bottom – leaving room for excess batter to fall into the cold zone extending your cooking oil life

Dimensions 17.875″w x 26.125″d x 17″h

Watts 5500

Plug 6-30P

Volts 230

Warranty = Two years manufacturers warranty.  Hometown covers the labor for those 2 years on all equipment sold!

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