About us

Steve Harnack (CEO)

Steve has been in the concession industry for over 18 years before starting Hometown Concessions. Born and raised in the heart of corn country. Steve moved out to Arizona to do sales and repairs for Iowa Popcorn and Concession. (IPAC). After 18 years IPAC closed its doors opening the opportunity for Hometown Concessions to take off.

“Hometown Concessions is going to work hard to become the best distributor in the Southwest. I am excited to bring all the information and knowledge that I have gained through my 19 years in the business, paired with growing up around all these products, gives me the confidence to help others be successful!”

-Steve “Mr Smiley Popcorn Man”

Shannon Harnack (CFO)

Shannon and Steve have been friends since the 7th grade and married since 2004. Shannon’s 20 years in the banking industry make her the “boss”. Shannon handles all things finances, and taste testing when available.

Paul Cote Warehouse Manger/Delivery Coordinator

Paul is the friendly face you see delivering all over the Southwest! Paul and Steve have worked together for a number of years. Paul grew up in California before moving to Arizona. Paul is the epitome of what Hometown Concessions is, friendly, helpful, and most of all knowledgeable. From the smallest nooks and crannies to the largest venues Paul gets it done!