Isomalt Standard Granule 55kg Bag


16500:  Isomalt – a polyol derived from the hydrogenation of sugars – from sugar cane or beet – offers mild sweetness, while contributing important nutritive and functional properties. It’s ideal for creating great-tasting, reduced-sugars and no added sugars confectionery products.

Calorie and Sugar Reduction
IsoMaltidex™ has an energy value of 2.4 kcal/g, versus the 4 kcal/g energy value of full-calorie sweeteners.

IsoMaltidex™ is a bulk sweetener with a very clean, sucrose-like taste profile and significant body and smooth mouthfeel.

Tooth Friendly
IsoMaltidex™ is non-cariogenic and does not contribute to tooth decay.

Non-hygroscopic isomalt crystals do not absorb water, which is essential for hard candies and coatings, and can also contribute to extended shelf life.